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Organic and inventive cooking

Valentine ... A true story

Everything began in Treffiagat, a small village near Guilvinec, in the heart of the Pays Bigouden. When in the twenties, Joseph Larzul suggested to his wife Valentine that she should help in the preparation and canning of the langoustines in Américaine sauce she accepted without hesitation.  
For Valentine, a fine cook and renowned gourmet, cooking was a real passion. Already as a child, she liked to stand close to the stove in the family kitchen, watching her mother gently cooking fine dishes and inhaling the scent of the various stocks that emerged from the pots.
Valentine joined her husband in the project with great enthusiasm. The langoustine's success was not long in coming and it even crossed the Atlantic. It must be said that Valentine was insistent on choosing and using only fresh, quality ingredients to make her ready-prepared dishes.


quand valentine cuisine organic and tradition

Valentine ... Organic cooking that is tasty and inventive


Today Valentine's cooking forms the basis of our ready-prepared organic range; Quand Valentine Cuisine: Starters, soups, main courses, desserts and other products that offer to all, great or small, simple recipes and delicious moments.

Always prepared by hand, with quality ingredients and using utensils that are those of every good cook, our recipes have kept their authentic traditional taste.
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