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Convivial and true to nature cooking

Tradition that is true to nature

The historic brand of the Larzul business, Maison Larzul offers a range of recipes that marries our main values: tradition, naturalness and conviviality.
Tradition is the bedrock of our cooking. Above all, the recipes and products of Maison Larzul are based on the culinary traditions of our regions.
Of course, it begins with Brittany, where everything started in the small village of Plonéour-Lanvern on the coast of South Finistère. An extraordinary area that has, since time began, benefited from a great culinary tradition that draws both on the land and the sea. Maison Larzul is a perfect illustration of this, with the ready-cooked offal recipes which made its name and the canned fine seafood which remind us that our workshop is only a few kilometres from the beaches of Finistère.

Recipes from the South West, the heart of French gastronomy, also have an important place in the range offered by our brand. Instead of locking itself into its home region, Maison Larzul has sought to bring together regional recipes from around France.  A new Larzul factory is now based in Tonneins, at the heart of Lot et Garonne to the south of Bordeaux. Large forests provide venison, game, there are red fruit terrines, hazelnuts, alcohol-based drinks, marinades and even morels. The Causses and Combes are home to bilberries, oyster mushrooms and other delicacies. The expertise accumulated over time must not be lost and we aim to use our skills in the place where they are best exploited, keeping hold of the thread which unites men and women around a sense of taste and the pleasure there is in eating well.

Naturalness is also one the unchanging foundations of our recipes. No long words, just our desire to respect the traditions of family dishes and the ingredients that go into them. At Maison Larzul we are particularly proud of the labels on our products. For example, the label for ‘Rillettes Pur Porc Fermier’ lists: shoulder, fat, rind and ham from free range pork (French origin), salt and pepper. And that's all. No additives: no flavouring, no preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Gourmet meal

Creating conviviality

Cooking lessons

Finally, we get to conviviality - well yes, we are finally there! At Maison Larzul, since 1906, we have been creating family dishes with traditional ingredients for just one good reason : to gather men and women around delicious food. There we have said it. Let us meet and share the culinary delights of our wonderful land, particularly at a time when globalisation seems so threatening. We will always keep this in mind.


Family dishes produced in
6 traditional recipe ranges

Maison Larzul products are widely distributed throughout France and can be found in most large supermarkets.
To find the closest outlet selling our products, give us a call!

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