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A family story ...

A rich culinary history stretching for over 100 years

Everything started in 1906 in Plonéour-Lanvern, near Quimper in Finistère. Noël Larzul was a welder at the canning factory.  His wife Anna was a good cook.
The disappearance of sardines meant unemployment. In the family kitchen Noël reacted by starting a business that used local recipes such as tongue in sauce and lobster stew. A salesman from Lyon, met by chance, made the products more widely available and the Larzul cannery was launched.
In 1920 Joseph took over from his father. He distributed in the South of France and began to export to the USA, sending langoustines à l'américaine, offal and prepared vegetables.
In the nineteen fifties, Jean and Jacques, the third generation launched ready-prepared dishes.
In 1980 Jean put his sons in charge; Michel and Jean-Pierre Larzul modernised the business with as its watchwords: relaxation, working as a team, respecting tradition and natural ingredients while keeping an eye on the future.

All through our history our expertise has been passed from generation to generation. Today Emmanuelle Vaché, the managing director of Maison Larzul, works alongside Michel Larzul to continue this tradition.

MAISON LARZUL Home cooking since 1906
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Atelier Larzul - Rue Henri Lautredou, 29720 Plonéour-Lanvern
Amis manger le dîner
A rich culinary history stretching for over 100 years
recette bretonne cuisine traditionnelle.

Our philosophy

In a world that tends to dehumanise, perturb and break down relations between individuals (globalization, new technologies, telephony, the Internet), we are convinced that food is one of the last bastions of civilised humanity, encouraging conviviality between friends and bringing families together.

Beyond our profession and expertise and imbued with our traditions and heritage we, at the heart of the Maison Larzul, want to play an active role in maintaining family traditions with our current and future specialities. To do this we try to go beyond our manufacturing role and defend life's fundamental values and those of France’s cultural heritage.

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