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Culinary expertise and innovation

Expertise that links tradition and modernity

Although the old Larzul cannery has become the Maison Larzul, we are very keen to maintain the family spirit which drives us. This does not mean we cannot change over time; embracing new standards, new technology and exploring new markets as they open.
Change is everywhere, patterns of consumption change very quickly, and we need to tap into information in all sorts of areas, create an image of the market to be able to plot the way ahead and overcome fluctuations.
Today, to perfect new recipes and launch products that will work in the future, we need to be aware of consumer expectations and new trends without forgetting our original direction of travel; that of traditional dishes with natural ingredients which can evolve and find just the right measure of inventiveness.

As part of a drive for constant improvement our workshops now have IFS (International Food Standard) certification.

Every year we invest in research and development in order to promote culinary innovation. The modernisation of our family business is an everyday reality: computerisation and automation to keep costs down, flexibility in supply chains, rapid and unlimited processing to follow the market as closely as possible, analysis of ingredients, quality control of all operations and monitoring of products over the long term in our laboratories.  
This is how we create good food at Maison Larzul.

Information is the thread that links all parts of the business, it improves our performance and links our people to our objectives in order to promote collective success. Everyone in the business tastes the new recipes, after all the destination remains that we should eat well and that food should taste good.

Expertise that links tradition and modernity
traditional rillettes without additives
high quality cooked lobster bisque
Traditional top of the range recipes –
FAUCHON products
Small white DP
Small bowl
Small orange bowl
Range of ready-prepared dishes for the organic baby food market, offered in packaging that is innovating and practica

Expertise that centres on a customer-led offer for our BtoB clients

In order to pursue the development of our culinary activities we wanted to include a customer-led offer especially for our professional clients; restaurants, catering outlets and other producers applying our expertise, particularly in niche markets through:

  • a customer-led bespoke offer of organic ready-prepared dishes

  • a customer-led bespoke offer of top of the range ready-prepared dishes

  • a customer-led bespoke offer of organic products on the baby food market

  • a customer-led bespoke offer of ready-prepared dishes created especially for the armed forces

  • a customer-led bespoke offer of ready-prepared halal dishes

  • a customer-led bespoke offer of ready-prepared dishes packaged in individual containers; doypack, plate, bowl etc.

So many bespoke possibilities which demonstrate the expertise and capacity for innovation of Maison Larzul. A meticulous activity which requires close collaboration with the R&D teams of our clients.

Fluted Italian Salad
Pure Beef Beef Lasagne
Shrimp Asian Chicken Flouté
Semolina Cake At Caramel
Ready-prepared bespoke dishes
(individual portions) for the armed forces
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